Brewed for Benefits

Rootbiomic Ferment™ is our multivitamin superfood that’s crafted through a proprietary fermentation process and is designed to help your healthiest hair take root.

What Can Rootbiomic Ferment™ Do For Your Hair

Easily recognized and received by roots, scalp + hair, our ferment is the key to anchored, active roots, a hydrated, balanced scalp, and strong, healthy hair.

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Rooted in Rituals

Fermentation has been used in almost every culture worldwide for centuries. Think kefir and kimchi. Grounded in ancient health rituals and decades of research, it unlocks the future of haircare.

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Like Kombucha for Your Roots, Scalp and Hair

Eight clinically effective botanicals, responsibly sourced from around the world. Through fermentation, they become a nutrient-rich broth, delivering visible and tangible benefits to roots, scalp, and hair.

Ingredients Provided by Nature

Chinese Skullcap Root supports hair cycles

Red Ginseng Root helps strengthen and protect roots

Reishi Mushroom helps strengthen the scalp barrier and support balance

Coffee Berry provides antioxidant and protection

Rice + Pea Proteins nourishes and repairs

L. Plantarum L. Casei isolated from apple and vegan kimchi